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When high-quality materials and smart, easy-to-use electrical systems are combined, the result is a perfect association of technology and craftsmanship. Our savoir-faire and the diversity of our systems have given rise to a wide range of automatic devices.

Our electric curtain rails, rollers and control systems provide you with all the options you could wish for to regulate the amount of light and shade required.

We are able to meet all requests and adapt to all different shapes of curtains – from classical curtains with Flemish pleats to the wave finish of modern drapes. The electric curtain rails can be matched with a sheer or with a lined drape to filter or completely block out the light in bedrooms.

We work with the most renowned manufacturers for their reliability in electrical curtain rail systems: Silent Gliss, Mottura, Somfy.


We select powerful electric rails which can open and close long, heavy drapes quickly but smoothly.

The Silent Gliss 5600 system, in particular, is the quietest in the world, thanks to a new technology which includes a high-quality two-component roller, an innovative rail coating and a brushless motor.


For maximum comfort and energy efficiency, Atelier Funfrock offers all kinds of control options – wall-fitted, remote control and smart building control systems. User-friendly apps for tablets and smartphones are also available, depending on the solutions available from our partners.


The various mounting techniques available make it possible to embed the tracks and motors with invisible brackets directly fitted into the ceiling for a sophisticated and discreet finish.

We can also bend the rails to fit the shape of the walls and in this way save space and allow the drape to fall naturally. The opening system can be central or lateral.


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