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Unique pieces

Leather furniture

To give a new look to your furniture, we can cover seats, consoles, cabinets, lighting fixtures, chests, etc. with leather. This can be either entirely or partially, such as on parts of doors or on the front of drawers, or even on handles. Leather can be added to many different surfaces and goes very well with wood, aluminum and glass. The variety of colors and finishes guarantees a most refined and elegant effect.

Leather handrail

Our workshop has developed and mastered the art of covering staircase handrails. Using this technique, handrails on both straight and winding staircases can be covered with leather, giving them an exceptional look and feel. To put the pieces together, a finishing with double-stitched leather edging is carried out at each end, followed by topstitching to outline the final forms.

To complete the assemblies, a rembord finish (rembordage is the folding of the leather’s thinned edges) is applied to each end, followed by topstitching to define the final shape of these exceptional pieces.

Leather paneling

Paneling can create an interesting leather wall decoration. Placed on a wooden framework, the panels can be made in bespoke shapes and sizes. Each panel is padded, then leather is stretched over it, giving a warm and esthetic result.

Our selection of leathers

The Funfrock Atelier selects skins from among thebest tanneries in Europe: cowhide leather, calf leather or more exotic skins.

The skins are checked and analyzed and their thickness measured with precision in order to meet very strict quality requirements, thereby guaranteeing the regularity, suppleness, solidity and fineness of the leather.

We offer a selection of leather grains with varying textures, as well as leathers with a smooth relief for a more satiny feel. We mainly work with full-grain or corrected-grain leathers in order to preserve their individuality, a guarantee of solidity and quality.

Intended especially for furniture and interior decoration, full-grain leather with aniline finish retains its original texture, having undergone little or no surface abrasion, which gives it a completely natural look and feel. C’est un cuir de haute qualité qui possède un aspect inimitable. This high-quality pigmented full-grain leather has a special protection from stains and UV rays and is easy to keep in good condition.