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Haute couture for your walls


Welcoming and intimate, our traditional stretched silk, wool or polyester fabrics can decorate both walls and ceilings. In lampas, damask, brocatelle or brocade, the possibilities are endless. Sous forme de lampas, de damas, de brocatelle ou de brocard, les possibilités sont infinies.

The traditional hanging techniques used by our upholsterers can be applied to all types of walls and ceilings. From the living room to the bedrooms, the hangings can be embellished with trimmings or embroidery. The wide choice of materials, patterns and colors gives free rein to all kinds of creations and inventions.

For a perfect result, hangings are fitted with an invisible finish using blind-tacking, a process which requires many years of experience. Our upholsterers are trained and skilled in this precise work and have a perfect command of how to install and shape the hangings.

As well as adding a touch of originality and luxury, wall hangings provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. This is due to the fleece inside them, which creates an extra layer of air between the fabric and the wall.

Our workshops are recognized and specialized in this type of hanging and have been privileged to work on the upholstery in many historical buildings.

Acoustic treatment

Atelier Funfrock offers its expertise to create decors with acoustic treatment for home movie theaters. We work with architects, home automation system integrators and acousticians to guarantee a unique sound experience.

We propose acoustic drapes and wall coverings and even the creation of acoustic wall hangings and ceiling upholstery. Our upholsterers’ mastery of stretched fitting techniques and the use of acoustic fabrics and fleeces enable the absorption of sound waves, reduce echoing and soundproof the rooms. Our creations can be used on reflecting walls to provide an incomparable listening quality and comfort in the rooms dedicated to entertainment – home movie theaters, living rooms, bedrooms and other leisure areas.

Since functionality should not take precedence over esthetics, we offer a wide range of acoustic fabrics for made-to-measure decoration.

To give your interior extra style and comfort, we make bespoke sofas and armchairs and lay woolen carpets with customizable patterns and colors.