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Aesthetics and durability

Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants are places where presentation and decoration must be beyond reproach. To help you create an aesthetic and functional decor, we offer a wide range of services tailored to the hospitality sector.

Curtains and sheers for the hotel industry

Hotel rooms are a unique place where travelers should feel privileged, with well-designed decor and functional facilities that meet safety standards. For hotel rooms, we make blackout curtains, double curtains and sheer curtains, to ensure your customers' aesthetic appeal and comfort.

We offer various curtain rail systems: eyelet rails, track rails, curved rails, wave systems ... For a functional installation, we also recommend a range of silent, precise, robust, maintenance-free electric curtain rods and motorized blinds.

To combine elegance and safety, we offer a wide choice of M1 fire-retardant textiles for your reception, catering and bedroom areas. You'll benefit from meticulous, personalized decoration that complies with safety standards.

A made-to-measure interior

When it comes to furnishing your rooms, our craftsmen can help you with the choice of decoration, or work in collaboration with your interior designers. We can make cushions in a variety of finishes, wall hangings, made-to-measure carpets and bed decorations. Add to this a wide choice of fabrics, materials, finishes and patterns, for a personalized decor where creativity knows no bounds!

Establishments in France and abroad

Les Ateliers Funfrock offers services in France and abroad, in all types of establishments. Hotels, palaces, restaurants, bars - we listen to your needs and adapt to your requirements. To discover our expertise, you can visit one of our showrooms near Strasbourg (Alsace) or in Monaco, and meet our craftsmen, for personalized advice.