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Well-Being and Warmth

Stair runners

For an elegant and refined staircase, we lay carpet runners which will not only muffle the sound of your footsteps, but at the same time be esthetically pleasing.

Whatever the shape and style of your staircase – straight, curved or spiral, with or without stringers, with solid or suspended steps -, our professional carpet makers can create top-quality custom-made runners.

Above all, it is important to carefully choose a carpet which is perfectly adapted to its intended use, with the right kind of textile and manufacturing technique, as well as a suitable choice of pattern.

We propose carpets specifically designed for staircases, using Wilton or Axminster weaving techniques and usually consisting of the optimal combination of fibers, i.e. 80% wool and 20% polyamide. These carpets are extremely resistant to wear and tear and stains. But if you prefer a silkier, more vibrant look, you can opt for 100% woolen carpets.

A variety of widths (70cm, 90cm, 120cm, etc.) ensure that your runners are perfectly adapted to the width of the stairs.

The contrast between the carpet and the staircase and between the materials and colors will give a lovely decorative effect. You can choose among the wide variety of textiles the one that will best match your staircase, whether it is made of marble, granite or wood. For an even more elegant finish, we can also customize the edges of your runners.

The runners are attached to the stairs with removable rods, held in place by discreet fastenings.

The pegs designed for round rods or the brackets adapted for quarter round rods, ensure maximum stability. For an added touch of luxury, these fastenings come in a variety of decorative finishes – polished or matte chrome, polished or brushed brass, and gunmetal.

They add a touch of luxury.

In order to offer you the best possible fitting of your carpet runners (on rods and supports, or simply stretched and fixed with upholstery nails), we take into account how often you use your staircase, its type of construction and the nature of the chosen covering.

To lay a carpet on a spiral staircase, we use the modern heat-sealing process or the more traditional hand sewing process to ensure perfect fitting.

Trust our experts for advice and assistance for fitting your stair runners, and you will be charmed by the resulting elegance and refinement.


Thanks to their expertise and technical knowledge our teams can adapt to all kinds of technical restrictions on high-scale projects such as crossing points, luxury hotels or restaurants, and provide appropriate and qualitative solutions. We propose a great variety of refined carpets and rugs selected across the world displaying a wide range of patterns or manufactured by our suppliers upon request.

We source carpets and rugs in wool, cotton, synthetics and natural silk from the world’s leading manufacturers. To meet your needs and create a carpet that blends in with the style of the room, we offer a wide choice of looks: looped, structured, flat woven or velvet effect.


Our traditional Axminster and Wilton woven carpets are available in plain patterns, but they can also be made into customized designs. Woven carpets are particularly appreciated for their comfort, thanks to their softness and density, but also for their long life.


For even more luxurious interiors, we also offer hand-tufted carpets that allow you to create any pattern, in the colors and materials of your choice. From contemporary and abstract to classic and polished, the possibilities are endless.

The compositions

For unrivalled comfort and a cocooning atmosphere, pure wool carpets are ideal. The yarns used are 100% New Zealand wool certified by the Woolmark label, for unrivalled quality and durability. In particular, they are treated to resist fire.

Pure wool carpet is a floor covering that offers excellent acoustic insulation, and considerably improves the floor’s thermal insulation.

Les finitions

The border completes the look of the rug. The final look of the rug depends closely on the material selected and the width of the gimp or overlock. We offer two types of packaging:

overlock: this is a delicate braid formed from threads delicately wound around the edge of the carpet, usually made of nylon.

ganse: available in widths ranging from 2 to 6 cm, in cotton or polyamide. The ganse is carefully assembled overlapping the edge of the carpet.

The choice of colors for the overlock and gimp is extensive. Depending on the shades present in your carpet, we suggest a range of colors that best match your preferences.

The fitting

Our upholsterers have mastered the art of laying broadloom carpets, stretched in the traditional way, with carpet pad and smoothed anchoring strips. This means we can guarantee you a beautifully finished installation with unrivalled comfort. For small-width carpets, we can sew the strips with an overlock stitch, then lay the carpet with copper carpet plugs (nails).