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Shaping Light

The making

Our window treatments bring a touch of elegance to your interior decoration, highlighting the individuality of each room.

By combining colors and materials, finishes and accessories, the double drapes, sheers, tiebacks and trimmings brighten up your rooms with the subtle effects of light and shade.

For us, quality is measured by the attention paid to detail, so we take particular care in the choice of curtain-rods, trimmings, mantling and tiebacks, which we consider to be indispensable embellishments to your drapes.

When we design your project, we take the time to listen to your wishes, and design the window decor that meets your expectations. According to your tastes, and after an essential exchange of ideas for assessing your needs, our teams carefully choose the appropriate fabrics, colors and materials among the various ranges available from the most prestigious manufacturers.

The drapes are mostly handmade in our workshops to provide an optimal finishing touch. Satin-lined, brushed cotton or quilted, these creations require a perfect command of the appropriate handicraft. Sateen-lined, finetted or fleeced curtains, the creation of window treatments requires a high level of craftsmanship.

The finishes

Curtains and sheers offer many styling possibilities: “Flemish head” for a timeless look, “pencil-pleated head” for a more contemporary style, “eyelet head” for a resolutely modern look, or “wave-pleated head” for a regular, wave-like fall.

As well as being pleasing to the eye, our drapes provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and complete obscurity.

The roman blinds

These blinds must be both practical and elegant. They are particularly well suited to modern interiors and provide a warm and intimate atmosphere. Roman blinds can be made of all types of fabrics, ranging from those which let the light through to completely opaque ones.

The fitting

Our teams of upholsterers are trained to carry out the most intricate work with efficiency and care. Thanks to their years of experience, they have acquired the essential knowledge for handling, fitting and shaping fabrics, as well as assembling the most complicated accessories. They are also talented upholsterers, capable of fitting the most draperies systems. Each operation is carried out with infinite precision according to the rules of the trade